For 66 Years One Piece Of Clothing Has Been a Symbol For This Couple’s Loving Devotion

Tri-State News, Weather
By Jack Day

The popular song by Haddaway asks, “What is Love?” Do you have an answer? It’s all good, I have a story here for you that will help us all figure that out. Phyllis Hill was a much younger woman when her husband of 66 years, Air Force veteran James Hill, gave her his parachute from fighting in WWII back in the 40’s. What she did with it was something James could never have expected. She used the life saving device to craft her wedding dress as a surprise for her future husband. To this day the two still have the dress and it has become a symbol of their love and devotion to each other.

There is only one other parachute wedding dress in existence and it is in the Smithsonian museum. When they asked the Hill’s if they could have Phyllis’ dress they replied with a resounding, “No!” The couple plan to pass the dress onto their children as a keepsake and life long memory of the power of love.

What a touching story! Would you be able to hold onto such a valuable item for so long? I guess if it was a symbol of your undying love, then yes! Please share your own stories of sentimental items and any other comments!

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