Find Out Why This Speed Dating Idea Fascinates New York Commuters

By Anne Cacherell

Amidst the ever busy life in New York City, Thomas C. Knox found a way to bring a little love to subway commuters through his project, “Date While You Wait.” Aside from bringing fun, this fresh speed dating concept offers a chance to connect with someone while you wait for your train to pull up. It also serves as a positive distraction from the distraction of the already crowded and hot place.

This 28-year-old entrepreneur from Staten Island, New York sets up the dating spot in a train station with a small table, 2 collapsible chairs, a bottle with a flower, sometimes, a game of Connect Four and a sign that says, “Date While You Wait.” It may not be an ideal dating spot but it definitely serves its purpose of spreading positivity and smile to commuters’ faces.

This type of social interaction shows how easy it is to brighten someone else’s day. Do you find this speed dating concept interesting? Share with us your thoughts.

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