Find Out How This Young Cancer Survivor Used His Maturity Against His Bullies

By Anne Cacherell

10-year old cancer survivor, Dominic Zaffino of Philadelphia has been harassed at school by bullies who make fun of his height. His schoolmates didn’t know that he battled 3 torturous years of chemotherapy in order to survive cancer. Although the treatment was a success, the result had some side effects like stunted growth.

Instead of physically fighting the children who bullied him, Zaffino used Instagram to share with everyone his thoughts and feelings about him being bullied and on how he survived cancer. After his Instagram post went viral, Zaffino received an overwhelming support from celebrities like Questlove and Jimmy Fallon.

Bullying can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. The best way to put a stop to it is to address it before it starts. Building a strong and caring school communities and creating a loving atmosphere at home open an opportunity for both teachers and parents to frame and change children’s mindset about bullying.

What do you think about this little kid’s maturity in responding to his bullies? Have you ever been bullied in your life? Tell us how to properly handle bullies and give them a lesson.

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