Ever Want to See a Mushroom Light Up a Camp? Now, You Can!

By Richard K. Noots

I know, when I saw the mushroom I thought this was going to be a different kind of article too. It’s OK though, as this art project is still pretty cool. Ever image a world with giant, glowing fungi? No? Too bad. I promise you, it’s pretty cool. If anything, the attractive lady who made them is present in a couple of these pictures as we- You’re already scrolling, aren’t you?

OK, it’s actually just this one.
1 beginning

Still, it’s the art that is actually important.
2 foam

I mean, she built these with her own hands!
3 cap

For the Big Dub Festival!
big dub festival


No, I said the Big Dub Festival, not the Big Dumb Festival …
follwo the path

Look, can’t you see even Super Mario would be jealous of these?
super mario

What does it take to please you?!
this one is creepy

I give up. The Mushrooms are still cool, dammit.
where is alice

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