Encouraging Students to Study Literature Isn’t a Problem Anymore With This Teacher’s Modern Approach

By Anne Cacherell

Inspiring students on a different level, Mr. Mooney, an English teacher at High Tec High School in North Bergen, New Jersey, uses a whole new strategy to gain his students attention when conducting classes. He turned rapper Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” album into educational material by utilizing some of its songs as references to convey lessons about literature.

Having heard about Mr. Mooney’s impressive approach, Kendrick Lamar was impressed and paid the school a visit.

In an interview, Mr. Mooney said, “To have Kendrick Lamar come here, not so much as a rapper or an emcee, but as a writer, as an author, as someone who produces text, someone who produces literature – that’s incredibly inspirational for students who look like him, but also for anyone who’s engaged in the arts.”

Find out more about this teaching approach by watching the video.

Trying a new teaching strategy won’t hurt especially now that classrooms are becoming more and more diverse. Have you ever had a learning experience similar to this? Share with us your story.

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