Drones Inspired This Ex-NASA Engineer to Embark Upon a Monumental Reforestation Effort

By Jack Day

Forests are the reason we exist today, among other things.  It’s just that without trees there would not be very much oxygen, so there is that.  In this day and age it is no secret that our forests are disappearing due to the never ending deforestation that takes place all over the planet. In that process we often forget the many wonderful things that forests do for us when they are not destroyed such as provide clean water, food, medicine, a healthy climate, and of course the livelihood of 7 billion people.

That’s why this ex-NASA engineer has invented a system for replanting trees in former stripped areas across the globe.  Using drones equipped with pre-germinated seed pods, founder Lauren Fletcher and her team at BioCarbon Engineering plan to fly the crafts a few meters above the ground and “plant” each pod.  They are hoping that 36,000 trees a day can be planted using this sophisticated form of precision forestry.

Eventually the goal is to plant over 1 billion trees every year, starting at a 15% cost reduction over traditional methods.

“Together with tree seeds, we hope to seed in other species including micro-organisms and fungi to improve the soil quality and ensure long-term sustainability of our efforts.”

1 billion trees planted each year?  By drones?  OK, let’s do it!  Well, not us, but the folks at BioCarbon.  This is the kind of thing that inspires other great ideas.  I mean it sounds so simple, yet it’s genius.  What do you think about this heroic endeavor to reforest the planet?  Please share your thoughts and comments!

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