Down, But Not Out, These Two Brothers Finished the NYC Marathon Thanks to the Kindness Of Strangers

By Jack Day

Sometimes karma comes around when you least expect it. Like when brothers Kyle and Brent Pease were making their way into mile 13 of the New York City Marathon last Sunday and a wheel on Kyle’s special wheelchair blew out.

At first the brothers from Atlanta put there heads together and devised a strap that Brent could wear over his shoulder to carry the weight where the wheel was. After all, these two amazing guys have been conquering obstacles and marathons for years with Brent pushing his brother Kyle, who suffers from cerebral palsy, all the way.

The strap didn’t work, so Brent tried carrying Kyle. But with another 13 miles to go, it also was not going to be an option. The two were starting to worry a little that the race was beginning to be a lost cause.

That was until some fellow marathon runners stepped up and helped Brent carry Kyle’s wheelchair. Watch the video to see the brothers make it to the finish line with the help of complete strangers who just unconsciously offered their assistance.

What did you think about the brothers story? Would you help a fellow runner out, or person in general if you saw them struggling? Please tell us your experiences and share this story with your friends and family.

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