Don’t Let the Man Or Any One Else Keep You Down, Conserve Your Mental Energy

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By Dave Andrews

Man, I was thinking about it and I have certainly had my fair share of failed relationships.  Whenever I was dealing with bad break-ups, I would always self-destruct. I would go out there, drink and party all night, come home wasted and oftentimes, pull some one-night stands. Yes, it helped me forget my issues for a moment, but to be honest, it was a very exhausting routine.

So, after my last break-up, I decided to do things differently. Instead of wasting my energy and inflicting more damage to myself, I took it slowly. Whenever I felt sad and alone, I would just seek the quietness in my room and try to dig beneath the surface level of my emotions – what was I doing so wrong? What can I do to change my situation?

Those moments of silence allowed me to rebuild my mental energy and find answers to my questions. It helped me come up with positive actions to improve my behavior and my choices. I began to have direction and it also led me to find genuine love and happiness.

Guys, your mental energy is crucial to sound decision-making. It is greatly affected by the things you do and the way you think so be careful and conscious on how you’re spending it. The more energy you have, the better chance of success you get in whatever you’re doing. So, protect it at all costs.

Here are 4 strategies that will help you preserve your mental energy and increase the likelihood of making your dreams come true.

Practice Mindfulness

Positive emotions such as happiness, love and confidence produce high energy levels while negative feelings like envy, depression and fear suck the life out of you, leaving you drained and depleted.

Mind-body connection is real. In fact, there exists imaging technology that reveals how emotions manifest in your body.

I strongly suggest that you detoxify your mind regularly by making meditation part of your lifestyle. This practice will enable you to be more present and conscious about the things you do thus making you more efficient and productive.

Get Your Emotions Under Control

The preservation of mental energy has a lot to do with you managing your emotions. Negative feelings such as jealousy and anger have a great tendency to spiral out of control and dominate your daily life. In effect, the mental energy that is crucial for your decision making runs low, thus resulting in more stress, impulsiveness, irrationality and indecision.

So, guard your mental energy by handling your negative feelings with extreme care. Don’t make important decisions when your brain hits an energy-drain threshold because reacting immediately can result in huge and stupid mistakes. Give yourself some space and a chance to breathe and regain rationality. Once you’ve reached a calm state, use your energy to discern the situation and come up with possible resolutions to your problem.

Focus on Yourself & Not on Other People’s Lives

Be thankful for everything that you have, for all the happiness and even for the pain. It is through your mistakes, failures and heartaches that you learn to become stronger and wiser in your life. Without these challenges, you will never grow.

Also, stop comparing yourself to others. Gauge yourself based on your own progress and not on how others are doing. When you judge yourself according to other people’s accomplishments or when you compare yourself with someone whom you think is better than you, you will always come up short and therefore, you can never win.

This principle also applies to your business. According to American entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Grand Cardone, one of the biggest money mistakes you can make is to compare your income to the income of others. The path to true financial success is to look at your own potential and to focus on available opportunities to earn more money.

Guys, rather than estimating your value and worth depending on other’s achievements, stay in your own life and just track the progress of your past and present self.

De-Clutter Your Life

Be with people who makes you feel good about yourself, who influence you positively and who inspire you to become better. Let go of those who drain your energy, who always complain without really doing anything to change their situation and who don’t believe in you and disrespect you.

Evaluate your relationships and be prepared to lose some of them in the process. Also, you can save a lot of mental energy by breaking it off the right way. Check this out – “9 Steps to Ending a Long-Term Relationship.”

Writer Evie Carrick shares some interesting rules on how you can calmly and gracefully transition from “In a Relationship” to “Single” status by observing some manners and without being unfair to your partner.

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