Do You Know What Endless Hours of Practice Will Get You? Record Breaking Awesomeness
By Jack Day

It’s not everyday that a “trick” also happens to break a world record. That is exactly what happened in this crazy video of soccer, er excuse me, futbol pro Lionel Messi performs what is known as a lift and control move with a soccer ball. At nearly 60‘ in the air! I don’t think I could lift and control if the ball was tethered to my leg like a ball and cup toy. Clearly Messi has practiced this procedure several hundred thousand if not millions of times. That is what dedication and perseverance will get you. Not just a trick on a game show, but the satisfaction and achievement that goes along with perfecting a skill. Impressive work!

Soccer fan? I mean Futbol fan? I don’t know much about the sport, but this was a pretty amazing feat. Were there any sports figures or feats that influenced your life? Please share with us those awesome memories!

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