Dedicated to Bringing His Unique Style to the “Streets”, This Artist Prefers the Floating Kind

By Jack Day

Painting giant murals and surf boarding are two things that are difficult enough by themselves. For artist and surfboarder Sean Yoro (a.k.a. Hula), the two were a natural fit.

He creates beautifully detailed portraits of women in his studio and posts his work on Instagram. Recently he surprised all of his fans and followers when he unveiled some shots of his latest creations. Balancing on a surfboard, Hula paddled his way through some unnamed abandoned complex filled with water to bring his work outside.  As he put it on his Instagram account:

Now entering the street art game. Better grab my surfboard, paints, and get as far away from the street as possible.”

His style is very unique and the details of each mural are truly amazing.  It takes some serious talent to balance on a surfboard and create these beautiful murals.  Hula knew, though that he wanted to share his passion with the world.  For that reason, Hula’s work is truly inspiring.  Check out his water creations and see for yourself.













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