Could You Live In a Mansion With 30,000 Bees? This Man Can & He’s Loving It!

By Anne Cacherell

With 30,000 bees living in his 4-acre property atop the Hollywood Hills, award-winning musician and activist DJ Moby talks about his passion for bees and offers a concrete action on how we can reverse Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). This syndrome or the drastic disappearances of worker bees is a very significant phenomenon in the agricultural industry since most crops worldwide are pollinated by these European Honeybees. Several possible causes include pesticides primarily neonicotinoids (neonics), loss of habitat and malnutrinution.

This video was released by Center for Food and Safety, a non-profit environmental organization that aims to impede the use of harmful food production technologies and promote organic agriculture. To develop awareness about bee population decline and to encourage people to include bee-friendly plants in their gardens are the main focus of this campaign.

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