Charlize Theron Wants You to Pay More Attention to Certain Things In Your Life, Starting With Her

By James Reubin

Aside from being an award-winning actress, this South African beauty is also an animal rights activist and a philanthropist.

Two weeks ago, I was in town to get a haircut. My day was going perfectly fine; I didn’t have to wait for my barber, I was able to do my transactions at the bank and I had everything done on my to-do list.

When I got back to the parking lot, my car was blocked by two other vehicles, one in front and one at the back. I couldn’t possibly move. Surprised by the situation, I immediately looked for the attendant.

When he found out that he made a mistake allowing those two other cars to park in bad positions, he didn’t even apologize. Instead, he got all defensive and started cussing.

I was worried because I had an appointment to make and I was starting to lose my cool because the parking attendant’s reasoning was out of this world and his voice was really annoying.

After waiting for almost half an hour under the heat of the sun, the owner of the other car who blocked my way arrived and I was finally able to get out of that stupid place.

Because of what happened, I felt like I wasn’t in the mood to go to my next appointment so I ended up cancelling it. Then, I just decided to go home, get a fresh shower and seek the comfort of my bed.

Appreciate little details in your life like your personal space.

My bed has been my calm place. It’s where I created my dramas in life, unleashed my daily frustrations and analyzed my feelings. It was my private and relaxing thinking space and it had the power to automatically decrease my stress levels.

Last weekend, while I was trying to renovate my room, I accidentally spilled a can of paint. It was just so distressing, saying goodbye to something which has been with me for years.

Other people may find it utterly ridiculous, but letting go of something with sentimental value was hard for me. It really made me feel sad.

Talking about my old bed may sound weird but my point is that we should start paying closer attention to little things that matter in our lives.

Sometimes, we get so busy that we tend to overlook things that are equally important too.

Working out our attention is like getting a haircut; a bad one can ruin a significant amount of time in your life while a good one can make you feel better.

So, I came up with these 4 things in life that we should pay more attention to.

In love, focus more on making each other happy.

Most of us are so busy about winning that we forget what really matters in our relationships.

Sometimes, we tend to be cruel or unkind just to prove a point, we speak freely without much regard for our partner’s feelings and we even end up pushing some boundaries.

Dominic Preston of Primer Magazine explains the importance of learning how to manage arguments.

By learning how to handle the conflict including; when and where they happen, how to end them or how to concede and swallow your pride, you can use it to your advantage to bring intimacy in the relationship.

When facing challenges, concentrate more on constructing meaning from experience.

I’m kind of guilty of this one. Sometimes, I dwell on the problem so much that I become blind to other available options.

In the piece “5 Ways Winning Startups Tackle Tough Growth Constraints,” writer Martin Zwilling says that too many entrepreneurs get stuck in always finding excuses when they should be exploring alternatives like mergers, alliance, acquisitions and partnerships.

We have to dig a little deeper and start thinking outside the box if we want our business to grow.

Get fit but don’t overlook the importance of personal hygiene.

Building muscles and toning your body are essential, but you will disgust people instead of impressing them if you don’t smell clean.

To give you a simple guide on how to do it right, check this out – “How to Defunk Your Smelly Gym Clothes.”

Don’t give bacteria a chance to mingle with each other and create a perfect environment for them to thrive. Stay clean.

Notice little things in your daily grooming routine.

Many of us focus too much on looking good but lack understanding of the hazards and risks of using products with harmful chemicals.

Here’s a list of grooming ingredients that you may want to avoid. Most of them impair fertility and interfere with other male reproductive functions.

• Parabens
• Microbeads
• Sulphates
• Oxybenzone
• Triclosan
• Palm Oil
• Petroleum-based products
• Phtalates

Paying attention to other essential and significant details of our lives optimizes our perspective and improves our overall well-being. So, try to be more conscious by taking your time in observing little details.

And speaking of sticking around, these gorgeous photos of Charlize Theron will surely make you linger a little

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