Chandler Parsons Gives the Down and Dirty Behind His NBA Lifestyle
By Charlie DeWitts

Although he may sound a little cocky to us guys, Chandler Parsons is a bit of a heartthrob for women these days. He’s in and out of relationships (I assume by his interview) and is clearly living the high life. His young and rich, so can anyone blame him? We can, that’s for sure. Do you think athletes have a problem of getting ahead of themselves once the fame and money starts to roll in? Or is it just a necessary part of the pathway to the Hall of Fame? We await your comments below …

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  1. ToddBT2 says:

    He is doing what anyone would do in his shoes. Spending his money on travel, cars and women. If he wasn´t, that´s when I would start to question the guy.

  2. Jay663 says:

    I think that many young professional athletes get ahead of themselves. They think they are invincible. Look at Kobe Bryant and Big Ben, both lived a bit too wild when they were young.

  3. Jay663 says:

    Really? I don’t know if most men would do this. Some men would want to save the money and settle down. I wouldn’t question him if he wasn’t spending his money and acting immature.

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