Buried Treasures Still Exist!


By Anne Cacherell

Life is a tough business, but some just get extremely lucky.

On May 9, 2015, retired marketing director Emil Knodell of Bellville Texas, bought an old dresser in an estate sale of a man who died in Missouri City. When he saw the marble-top chest with 3 drawers, he thought it would look good in his dining room so he purchased it right away for $100.

While loading the piece of furniture in Knodell’s pick-up, they heard moving metals inside it. Intrigued by the sound it was making, they checked the chest and found a secret drawer at the bottom. When they opened it, they discovered a treasure that seems to be a jackpot of a lifetime.

What do you consider the luckiest thing that ever happened in your life? Do you think finding a treasure is a game of chance or is it destiny? Share with us opinion.

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