Boating Safety Need Not Apply: Watch This Amazing Kayak Rescue

By Charlie DeWitts

Wilson Creek in North Carolina has some beautiful, ferocious creeks perfecting for rafting in tiny crafts. However, sometimes examples like above happen. This guy went overboard in his kayak and got caught in the rocks with the water and his boat beating down on him from above. Those are the kind of situations in life that make you think about your end game. Luckily, some quick-thinking fellow kayak-ers managed to get together and save the day. Watch their rescue! Would you ever kayak after watching this?

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One Comment

  1. Toby38 says:

    I have always wanted to go kayaking and seeing this just makes me even more certain that when you are out in the wilderness, you should never go alone. That guy is really lucky that there were other people around paying attention to what was going on, because if no one was there that guy would have been a goner.

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