Big Hugs For a Little Boy Whose Courageous Actions Earned Him Hero Status
By Jack Day

When I was 11 years old I was so lost in my own world it’s a miracle I made it to adulthood. That’s why when I saw this story about a brave 11 year old named Ethan Reno who called police during a home invasion I knew it was a big deal.

It happened when Ethan and his mom got home one day and they smelled the scent of cigarettes in the house, tipping them off that something was strange. Then they noticed the bathroom door was closed, which was the second clue. Ethan’s mom says at that point her motherly instincts took over and she rushed into the bathroom to confront the intruder. That’s when Ethan dialed 9-1-1 and within minutes police arrived and apprehended the suspect.

If Ethan hadn’t made the call when he did who knows what would have happened. Since that day Ethan has been recognized by the local police department as a kid hero and he was even awarded a medal for his actions. Nothing could top the surprises that were in store for him though when Ethan went on the Meredith Vieira Show to talk about the experience.

Watch the video to see the awesome look of joy on Ethan’s face the moment one of his favorite wrestlers from WWE comes out on stage to deliver a basket of goodies and a special message for the ecstatic 11 year old.

What do you think about Ethan’s bravery? Would you have done the same when you were his age? Please tell us your stories and share this one with your friends and family.

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