Apparently Lions Are More Friendly Than We All Thought

By Richard K. Noots

Yes, it’s another story of a man and his lion. Frikkie Von Solm, local resident in the great continent of Africa, rescued a lion when it was just a cub. He had raised other large felines before, but he took a special liking to the newly christened Zion. They’re inseparable and as far as I can tell, completely safe. I gotta say … I want my own pet lion if everyone else is getting one!

Frikkie Von Solms seen here.
Frikkie Von Solms

A gentle giant.
gentle giant

He has raised nineteen other tigers and lions as well.
he raises others too

Zion has never attacked anyone.
Never attacked anyone


Partners in Crime
Partners in crime

They even share a bed!
Share a bed

Interestingly, he walks barefoot because Zion hates the sound of shoes.
Walks barefoot cuz lions hate shoes


  1. Isaiah says:

    Big cats are such amazing creatures. I think that this relationship has worked out so well only because he has raised the lion. If I ever had the opportunity to work and live with big cats I would in a heart beat.

  2. Adamly says:

    I think to do something like this you have to have a real passion for the animal. I’m not against it, but I do think you have to be realistic and keep in mind that something could trigger an attack.

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  4. Hadwin says:

    This man really gets along well with this creature. You can tell that he has raised him since he was just a cub. I would be leery of any wild animal because even though you have raised them and you think you know them well, they are wild and it is in their instinct to attack.

  5. JFlats says:

    I think all wild animals have the potential for attacking, even tame ones like dogs. There is a real bond between the man and the lion that you can see even in still photos.

  6. LostAble says:

    I agree. You take the chance of the animal still having that kill instinct when it feels threatened. It looks like his companion shares an emotional attachment with him.

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