After Donating $25 Million to a Local Hospital, This Humble Plumber Hopes to Inspire Others to Give

By Jack Day

Paul Myers is the coolest, calmest man to ever give away $25 Million dollars. He did it because he says, “He felt like giving back to the community.” In his interview the 82 year-old Canadian plumber kingpin explains how he has been very lucky in his lifetime thanks to the good people Vancouver and surrounding areas.

“The community has been good to my companies…and I just thought it was an appropriate thing to do.”

Watch the video to see how humble Myers is about his extremely generous donation. He hopes his actions will spur others on to do the same.

What do you think about the compassionate plumber’s charitable contribution? Would you be as calm about giving away $25 Million? Please tell us your thoughts and share this great story with your family and friends.

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