A Wrong Turn For This 4 Year Old Turns Out to Be the Best Mistake Of His Life


By Anne Cacherell

If you didn’t experience getting lost in a grocery store when you were a kid, you probably didn’t have much fun during your childhood. As for this 4-year-old boy, he surely had the time of his life.

During a rugby league charity game between Queensland and New South Wales, this toddler finds himself unwittingly wandering on the field. Although the players were surprised, they reacted spontaneously by giving the ball to the boy and encouraged him to make a run with it. The NSW and Queensland players pretended to chase the young boy and acted like they were trying to tackle him. When the kid got tired, a player ran, grabbed him up and allowed him to score a try. Hear the roars from the crowd by watching this funny intermission.

Getting lost is a terrifying experience for the many but definitely, not for this kid. Did you enjoy watching this video? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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