A Van Converted to a Moving Apartment for Road Tripping

By Richard K. Noots

Now this guy has the right idea. Here is a man who wants to travel Europe, but he wants to be self-reliant and manage on his own. So, what did he do? Built a moving apartment, that’s what. He took an old van (seen in the title photo), and converted it to suit his needs. It has everything, bed, bathroom, and solar. Plus, it’s far cheaper than justĀ buying an RV. Take a look!

How the inside originally looked.
1 inside

Now, it’s this.
2 now this

His Work Station
3 work station

Everything a Man Needs
4 everything needed

He uses magnet stripes to hold everything in place.
5 magnet strips

Oh, and a bathroom.
6 bathroom


Plus a shower!
7 shower

Here’s how it works.
8 back bathroom

With a water pump to boot.
9 water pump

This isn’t his actual bed, but still cool.
10 not his bed but cool

All his power needs!
11 solar made easy

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