A Team’s Inspirational Support For Their Sidelined Player Shows Us the Meaning Of Compassion

By Jack Day

Life always seems to have other plans for you when you least expect it. An unexpected traffic jam when you are running late, a cancelled flight, a chance encounter with a long lost relative at the DMV. Then there are the life altering changes that you just can’t ever prepare for.

For 15-year-old high school student Brycen Newman of San Diego, one of those changes came in the form of three brain tumors. He got the diagnosis at the start of the school year last August and has since undergone chemotherapy and surgeries as part of his treatment.

To show their support for their fellow student and teammate, the football team decided to make him the honorary captain of the team during their homecoming game. They also had another surprise for him after they walked him down the field.

Watch the video to see the whole story about how these students lifted up a player who needed it the most.

What did you think of the story? Have you ever taken part in a show of support and solidarity for someone in need? Please share your stories with us and this one with your family and friends.

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