A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, But a Video Is Worth $1,000. 4 Tips On Making a Successful One


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By Pete Shoemaker

Poorly pondered ideas on creating a product and service promotion tend to backfire when the first resort available comes in as ‘the only one’: amateurs with a camera and a few connections at local TV or radio station. In 2008, while working as a waiter, I witnessed this risky move. It proved wasteful, let alone costly. On the other hand, today’s online features make the marketing process a lot easier and accessible, as long as some minimum media requirements are met and some creativity is put into it.

Internet Marketing and Electronic Commerce are two great and inexpensive options for promoting your products and services. Making them a part of your business strategy will prove useful when your website accounts for the quality and impact of your product and services, through testimonial evidence or further information about it. A video, for example, promises to deliver a bull’s-eye response to consumer’s expectations about your product. To prepare for this assignment, a couple of things you should take into consideration will show you the difference between a lousy attempt to sell and grasping the chance to do business.


#1) Identify Your Content Strategy

Personally look up the necessary media and software for the job. A commercial video can be done with a cell-phone and end up being sharp and professional. Computer movie-making software is available for downloading or buying online, as well computers that already include a movie-editing program. If your product already has a website, check it out. You wish to identify ideas to develop the video.

Your content strategy refers to how you approach goals and protocols that help in shaping up substance for your business within a network, local or international. Your business has a clear intent to influence people; putting weight into it by updating information means you must plan for auditing, analyzing, discarding or adding relevant information on your website.

#2) Where to Upload?

The first question is whether you have a website and are committed to keep updating its content. If there’s no money for a website, find a domain or a free blog. There are many options in which social online networks like Facebook can assist you with online marketing with user-friendly profile interfaces. Make sure there’s a section specifically for your promotional videos. You don’t want to stop there. Try opening an account with YouTube and link it to your product or service’s main page.

Opening a channel in YouTube and linking it to your website will allow you to share it through a variety of other social networks, keep track of your videos, and allow you to add/discard easily.

#3) What to Include?

Fetch some satisfied customers and include their version of the product or service in the video. Aim at professionalism; never publish low-quality content. An honest product review should allow future consumers know how the product or service fulfilled their expectations.

Doing a video solo? A static and pleasant office room along with a light-colored business suit and fluent charisma may be all you need.

#4) Maximize Selling Opportunity

Let’s not skip the opportunity to close the gap between window-shopping and cold-hard cash. Include a few seconds of contact information, invite your audience to visit your website, or link to other videos/websites in the video you just made. You may brand your video, as well as provide product information and services in its description text-box, along with links to maps or online written reviews of customer satisfaction. Keep the online traffic flowing and building synergy around your business; publishing stand-alone things is not just about creating content, it’s about spreading that content all over the place.

Making a video is one of the most viable and fun ideas to collect followers and potential buyers. Substance in content, a professional clean look, honest testimonies: these all look good on camera. Willingly extend your business’ ground and influence by delivering a spot-on video advertisement and build your business in more ways than one.

Making a video is a reasonable challenge for anybody determined to add value and a good reputation to his/her service or product. It’s a great way to grasp consumer interest. What has your experience with internet marketing or e-commerce been like? Comment to this article or Share us on Facebook.

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