A Kidnapped Sibling Was Found at School? This Story is Too Surreal To Believe!


By Richard K. Noots

This story will warm your hearts. When Celeste was giving child birth at a hospital, a terrible thing happened.

title baby lost

“When I woke up there was a nurse saying my child is gone. You can’t imagine the feeling,”

Her poor child was kidnapped by a nurse, straight from the hospital. Then, some years later, a strange incident happened. Their older daughter happened to be at school one day when her friends told her that a younger girl who looked just like her had entered the school. The older daughter decided to meet her, and they became fast friends.

“When she saw (her) yesterday, she knew, ‘This is my child.’ She said DNA wasn’t necessary, she just knew.”

This is what the mother had to say when she met her daughter’s friend. Soon, it came out that that these were the kidnappers.

1 baby stolen

Now, those two are facing criminal charges while Celeste’s family is finally enjoying a complete home. What an amazing story!

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