A Car Full Of Thieves Got the Surprise Of a Lifetime When This Store Clerk Busts Out His MMA Skills

By Jack Day

As you will see in the video, these common thugs thought they were going to make an easy victim out of a store clerk. That was until his backup arrived. Mayura Dissanayake might tend the counter at a convenience store, but it’s only a day job. His real skill comes from years of being a semi pro Mixed Martial Arts fighter. When his co worker was being assaulted in the parking lot by a group of men he got to test out some of those skills.

After he pummeled the crew of bad guys, Mayura held one of them there until police showed up.  If it wasn’t for his quick actions and smart use of his skills, things could have ended very badly for the original victim.  Way to go Mayura, hopefully you will go very far in your sport!

I must say, there is nothing quite as satisfying as watching a thief getting kicked in the face repeatedly. It just kinda makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. What was your reaction? Please share your thoughts and this post with your friends!