8 Ways to Be Happy With What You Have

By Richard K. Noots

So, you don’t have a yacht yet. Maybe your career isn’t going the way you planned. I promise you though, it’s going to be okay. Why, you ask? Because! There is so much in life to appreciate. While you may not have everything you want, let this article remind you why there are still things to be happy about.

Get a little exercise!
No need to go crazy. Maybe just a little. Twenty minutes a day, four days a week. I promise you’ll feel better.

Learn to live with what have.
Learn how to be content
Nice bed? Food? Clean water? A place to poop and pee? Trust me, that’s all you need in life.

Pursue your life goals.
pursue life goals

Quit smoking!
quit smoking
If you smoke, it’s time to stop!


Save some money.
Save a lil money
Even if it’s only a little at a time, extra is still extra!

The best thing you can do for your body is sleep regularly.

SUnblock motherfuc
Skin cancer is a real thing, boys.

Get your teeth cleaned!
teeth clean
A hundred bucks every year is a small price to pay for not losing your teeth in twenty years.

What do you think? Time to make some change!

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