8 Places You Should Visit on Your Bucket List

By Richard K. Noots

If you’re thinking about travelling this summer, why not visit one of these fine places? It turns out, the world is hiding many wonderful-looking places just around the corner. Some of these are in the US, some are all over. Personally, I want to see the Elephant Rock, but that’s just because it’s closest to me. Which one of these places would you like to visit?

By the way, this is in Brazil, the same place as the title photo!

Chocolate Hills, Philippines
chocolate hills philippines

Can you guess what this is? Elephantly, you will.
elephant rock nevada

Grand Prismatic Hot Spring
grand prismatic hot spring
Who knew there was something cool in Wyoming?


Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan
hitachi seaside park

Lava Lake, Ethopia
lava lake ethopia
title lava lake unbeleivagbwev

Sentinels in Finland
sentinels in FInland
Those are trees, in case you were wondering.

Spotted Lake, Canada
spotted lake canada

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