8 Outlandish Jobs You Can Only Get in China

By Richard K. Noots

All countries have weird jobs, but some really take the cake. Even the US has weird jobs, like watching old television shows and getting paid for it. So, what are the weirdest jobs that you could do and actually afford to live? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Get your passports ready, as one of these jobs might encourage to finally travel to the Old Empire.

Playing Video Games

gold farming wow
OK, this one isn’t as nice as it sounds. Sometimes, in China, they make prisoners play MMOs for eight to 12 hours a day. The catch? It’s nothing but farming. They force prisoners to play video games, but only the monotonous, repetitive parts. Ironic?

Adult Film Judge

adult film judge
With all that censored porn, someone has to watch it first and decide what gets censored. Sound like your job?

Computer Hacker

computer hacker
Get paid to hack computers, for the MAN.

Internet Police

internet police
Yes, there is a police force in China whose only job is to watch for dissidence on things like social media.

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