8 Cool Cast Designs That … Still Won’t Make You Want to Break a Bone

By Ivan Russo

Breaking a bone pretty much sucks. From what people tell me, at least. Personally, I’ve avoided the mishap thus far. However, some people haven’t been so lucky. Luckily, fashion is their strong suit! Or at least, clever design. These casts have been struck with an artist’s touch! Now, without further ado!

Bunny jump slow. Bunny Supposed to Jump Fast!
Bunny move fast

Iron Man
iron man


He must go to the gym.
muscle structure

Teenage, mutant, ninja …
Ninja turtles

None shall stop his mighty shield.
None shall stand his shield

Starry Night
Starry night

So that’s what happened.
That's what happened

Got some ideas now in case I just jinxed myself.

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  1. RobBob says:

    Those are pretty cool designs for casts. I like the bottom x-ray one the best of all of them. It would certainly make people notice and talk about it. I remember my friend breaking his arm and everyone signing the cast with a few drawing pictures.

  2. Chief says:

    I broke my leg when I was about ten and would have loved something like this, instead of the boring white plaster I had. They should offer a design service like this in the hospitals.

  3. Colbert says:

    I broke my wrist when I was 8 years old and there were never any cool designs like this one. At the time they had just come out with colored casts and I got a neon green one that all my friends signed. I would have much rather had it with that x-ray design on it.

  4. BLenny says:

    That’s a great idea and they could have an artist on call to do the artwork. I think it would be cool to have a cast like the ones showing the bones. I’ve never broken anything to require a cast but if I had I would have wanted something like this.

  5. Acerspades says:

    The rabbit cast is something that would appeal to families with injured pets. It’s got a lot of novelty value, even though I don’t believe that animals actually care about the cast on their leg.

  6. DJHawke says:

    I like that one, and the Iron Man version. I reckon they look a whole lot better than the usual white type. They always look dirty to me, and then there’s all the silly things your mates write on them while you are helpless to stop them!

  7. BLenny says:

    I agree. People who dress up their dogs would certainly go for the animal cast if something happened to their pet. I’ve seen some crazy stuff on animals that has made me take a second look to make sure I saw what I thought I saw.

  8. LostAble says:

    I like the x-ray design as well. It’s pretty cool the way it looks and would certainly make people talk about your cast. The rabbit one is a little silly but I guess some people would want to dress up their pet’s cast.

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