7 Lifehacks That Will Make People Judge You

By Charlie DeWitts

Look, these lifehacks might be useful to you if you’re in College … Otherwise, you probably shouldn’t be doing them. Why? Well, how would you feel if you saw one of your friends doing this like it was nothing in their home? Maybe you wouldn’t think twice … But some of these photos … Well, you just have to see to believe.

I guess it’s a cooler …

Hot dogs ready in a jiffy!
Hot dog readiness

Hot tubs only require a tarp and some light construction.
indoor hottub

Lego movie rip-off.
lego movie


Come on! Just wash a spoon!


This one is actually pretty good …
zis one is pretty good


  1. Hadwin says:

    I really enjoyed the last one. I know growing up I would have loved to do this one to my sister. She was the queen of the snooze button! I’m not so sure about the other ones. I get how they may have worked in college, but I definitely would not be caught doing any of those things now.

  2. PAPolka says:

    I think they’re all pretty darn funny. I’ve had to improvise in my adult years and I’m not ashamed of it. Most people don’t mind as long as the party carries on.

  3. JFlats says:

    Those are so funny. I’m still trying to figure out how someone came up with cooking the hotdogs in the coffee pot? My wife would kill me if I put ice and beer in the washing machine.

  4. Roger9 says:

    Mine would kill me too. That fork turned into a spoon is funny and pretty smart if you are stuck. I hope that home made hot tub doesn’t spring a leak!

  5. LostAble says:

    These hacks are crazy! The tacks on the radio are a little scary! I’m not sure any of these would go over well now, maybe when we were younger. Hot dogs in a coffee pot are a little gross.

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