7 Drone Photos That Will Leave Your Mouth Agape

By Richard K. Noots

Drones aren’t just for the military anymore. We’ve already had a few photographers show their mettle on this site, but this guy has come up with something … A bit more intriguing.  Tomas van Houtryve is just that man. Inspired from military drone pictures, he decided to give us a bird’s eye view of how a military operation might view our fair lands. It sort of changes the way you look at things. Although, I personally think that the Tent City Jail in Arizona is most poignant of all. How about you?

Children playing innocently.
children playin

This is a school in El Dorado, California.
el dorado cali

Just people exercising!


Fire Truck, and a car formerly on fire.

The beauty of a Marine funeral.
marine funeral

Here it is, Arizona!
tent city jail

Well end it with a nice wedding, though.

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