7 Common Fashion Mistakes to Avoid This Season

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By Kenny G. Thompson

It’s time for the season of giving! Also, the season of looking absolutely amazing! If you’re not into men’s fashion when winter comes calling, you have no idea what you’re missing. It’s the one time where guys can be just as annoyingly fashionable as women and yet no one seems to mind. Scarves, coats, hats and boots, the style choices really begin to open up. Which is why it can be a sad thing to see a man have no idea what he’s doing when it comes to dressing himself.

Are you one of those guys? It’s okay, we all were at some point. However, what separates us from the beasts is we had the courage to look for advice. Which is just what I’m here to give you today! Some might be common knowledge to you, but a few might have escaped your notice. Fashion faux pas probably never hurt anyone, but it’s best for us not to find out, agreed?


#1) Warped Shoes

If you’re a guy who wears dress shoes day in and day out, you might want to invest in more than just one or two pairs. Shoes have a tendency to warp and wear as you stretch them out through a hard day of work. It may sound silly, but you want to give your shoes a chance to recover. If you give them a couple days off (i.e. rotate the pairs of shoes you wear each day), they’ll look more impressive for a much longer time. What’s better, one pair of shoes lasting 9 months, or 4 pairs of shoes lasting five years?

#2) Wrong Belt Color

Your belt color should (generally speaking) always be the closest match in color to your shoes that you can find. Belts should also match the condition of your shoes as well. If you’re wearing nicer shoes, wear your best looking belt that matches. Shiny shoes should go with shiny belts. If your shoes are more pragmatic, your belt should mirror this as well. No sense in wearing a leather belt with your khaki shorts, am I right?

#3) Too Many Buttons Buttoned

Whether your suit has two buttons or three, the one thing you should always remember about Classy Suit Wearing 101 is never button the bottom button. It’s only the first one or two buttons that get that preferential treatment. This is just what has been traditional for decades, and apparently none of us are cool enough to pull it off.

#4) Socks and Sandals

Don’t do this. Don’t do it to the beach, don’t do it to the store, don’t even do it when you take out the trash. Frankly, the juxtaposition doesn’t even make sense. You wear sandals so your feet are exposed, cool and in the open. You only wear socks to protect your feet from rubbing all around inside and as a helpful sweat block so your shoes don’t smell like a paper factory. Wearing socks and sandals is like cutting the crust off a PB&J only to stuff the crust in the middle of the sandwich. F*%$ing useless.

#5) Cartoon Clothing

There are two things I think of when I see a man who is wearing children’s cartoons on their clothing. The first thought is I wonder if they work for that lovely animation studio. My next thought accuses them of pedophilia. OK, that joke might have been a little harsh, but people will think you can’t stay out of fantasy-land if your clothes are covered in make-believe characters from an after-school special.

#6) Wearing Backpacks with Suits

Seriously? Who do you think you are? Are you gonna show up to work barefoot screaming at your employees like Steve Jobs next? Take your next paycheck, go to Wal*mart and buy yourself a comfortable messenger bag at the very least if you have some sort of belief structure that hates briefcases. You look like a child wearing his dad’s suit.

#7) Too Much Cologne

Aw, you were almost there. She was checking you out, you had your best outfit on, the beautiful lady comes closer to see if you’re worthy of her time and-Oh! Now she can’t stop gagging. Yep, you might be guilty of the ever-so-common wearing too much cologne. Two things to keep in mind: You usually don’t need more than one spray and you should never be able to smell it on yourself after the initial application. These words will save your life some day (or at least mild embarrassment.)

Fashion is like anything else: a skill to be learned and mastered. If you keep paying attention to these little details like mentioned above, you’re on your way to being the talk of every room you go into. Remember, there’s no need to second guess yourself!

Got any fashion tips of your own? Feel free to share some of your own advice or gripes below!

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  1. stevej65 says:

    There are some great reminders here for those fashion lazy guys like me. I have a tendency to wear shoes a little too long to the point that even my kid will say – CHANGE THE SHOES!

  2. TimJF09 says:

    The “cartoon clothing” part made me laugh as it brought back fond memories. I guess my old rock t-shirts, that I still occasional wear could be classified in this category.

  3. DaveM says:

    I wear socks and sandals to take out the trash sometimes. That is literally the ONLY time I ever do it though, I swear. I loved the PB&J analogy.

  4. BlakeDrake says:

    I’m not giving up my rock shirts even if they do fall into that category! I think the rest of it is pretty much common sense, but I know a lot of guys (myself included) who sometimes don’t pay attention to what we should and shouldn’t be wearing.

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