Work-Out Slowing Down? Get Your Body & Soul Into Shape With These 6 Secrets

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By Jay Kattan

Be it that you’re still thinking about starting, you’re a novice, or a built-up bodybuilder, any person is prone to commitment issues. Keeping up with your work-out routine means knowing how to improve it. You have to set your goals and make the most out of your work-out as a physical and mental exercise. Slowly and consistently you’ll see results that will show you how a good state of mind and diligent exercise improve your overall well-being.

Setting foundations for balance in your life starts at the core need you have for either change or progress. You can also set the rules to harmoniously sync your body and mind into a state of continuous improvement. These 6 tips serve to treat self-esteem issues, to draw your exercise blue-print and unlock your true confident personality.


#1) Look & Smile at the Mirror

Boost your self esteem by following the simple exercise of looking at your reflection and smiling in the morning. In 1989, a psychologist, Robert Zajonc, tested the effects of smiling at one’s mirror image and reported most subjects to the study felt happy afterwards and reflected better moods during the day. Do it for ten seconds, and have an honest smile up and ready after brushing. (Close the door, so nobody thinks you’re crazy).


Make it an experience each time you decide to exercise. If it’s before exercise, and clearing your mind turns distractive, resort to this goal; spend a moment visualizing yourself being in your ideal physical condition and concentrate on your breathing. Be aware of your capability of getting there, so as to exercise self-confidence. Just tell yourself you can achieve your goals; at that moment, there is nothing that may tell you the opposite.

If meditating after exercise, feel the sweat, revel on it, take a break to invest no energy in any thought or hassle. You may progressively increase the amount of time you invest in meditating; the important thing is that you commit yourself to doing it in search of peace, confidence and enlightenment. This will help you achieve an overall balanced personality.

#3) Put Some Motivation Into It

An Adonis or a blonde-bombshell, print it and have it as a tool for motivation. Kicking it up a notch with new exercises or equipment will keep your routines varied and fun. In the meantime, you’ll be boosting your energy levels progressively and may add more repetitions to your work-outs. Try by augmenting ten to what you already accomplish. Setting those types of small goals provide a little confidence boost when accomplished.

#4 Rewards

This will upgrade your experience. After having kept a routine for, let’s say, a week, take yourself out to a treat. It shouldn’t be candy if you’re losing weight; take a ride; go to the beach. When we treat ourselves, hard work is not sacrifice. Psychology experts point out self-regard as good therapy to further push one’s limits, by setting greater rewards for greater efforts.

#5 Set Reasonable Goals

If you are in a process of transformation and awakening, you know the importance of being realistic about your goals; keep them within reach by being aware of your current condition. If you’re overweight, think cardio before pumping iron. If you’re lean, think muscle. Respect your body’s current condition and love the idea of changing for the better.

#6 Call a Friend

Or family member. A good work-out (a long walk or a jog) may take away much of the day’s stress, and it’s better along a buddy you can socialize and bond with. Working bonds with women, many men find this is an effective, hassle-free approach. Setting an agreement to work-out along somebody will also allow less room for slip ups on your commitment to the routine. You may include them partially or entirely in your routine.

The more little grains of sand, the better in this case. Tend to the fact that you need to love yourself before others, thus this commitment is to yourself. Setting goals that increase your physical and mental stamina and good disposition will get you back on your feet and sweating.

These tips aim at dedicating your work-out routine to your physical and mental well-being, by boosting confidence and awareness. What other tips would you add to the list? Please comment and share us on Facebook.

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