5 Start Up Stories That Will Inspire You to Succeed

Image by: By FutUndBeidl
By Richard K. Noots

We could all use a little inspiration in our lives. Even if things are going great, sometimes we can still get down on ourselves for not doing enough. There’s no need to beat yourself up though. If you’re a man of business, perhaps you’ve had idle dreams of getting your own business started. Or perhaps you tried and it didn’t end up to well. Not everything goes as we plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your dream of being your own boss go to the wayside.

Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from so far. As long as after this point, you hold your head high. That’s why we’ve assembled this great success stories of fellow entrepreneurs who succeeded in the most unlikely of situations. Take what they did and use it as an example. It’s time to get things done!


#1) Judi Sheppard Missett

You’ve probably never heard of this girl. Judi had wanted to be a professional Jazz dancer, but when that failed, she turned to just teaching dance. Eventually, her studio was closed. However, she had noticed something interesting. Many of the women there weren’t coming to dance, but to just lost weight. So instead of giving up, Judi turned up the beat, picked up the pace and began to make millions helping women lose weight through Jazzercise.

Judi didn’t get discouraged from life beating her down and instead learned from her mistakes. By taking advantage of what she noticed people wanted, she managed to turn a profit that would make any person’s head spin. She makes millions … By dancing. With something she made up practically on the fly. Talk about ingenuity.

#2) Brian Scudamore

1-800-GOT-JUNK. That was the number he got after starting his own junk removal service. This man dropped out of college after only a year. To top it off, he only had 700 dollars and a beat up, old truck to start his business. Now, he has over 100 franchise locations in America, and enough money to easily live comfortably on. All by providing a service.

I’m noticing a trend here. These two both noticed a service that people needed, yet didn’t exist. They filled the gap, and success came pouring in. I believe that is the very essence of Capitalism. Let’s move on.

#3) A.J. Scribante

A young man who did nothing but sell bleach to supermarkets in his youth. Of course, a man with desires couldn’t be satiated with such a simple job. Eventually, he began to go around collecting newspaper ads so he could compare retail prices and make more efficient sales. He put them all in a booklet and used it all over his travels. He soon realized how valuable his idea was, and thus the idea for MAJERS was born. A multi-million dollar marketing information company.

#4) Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

The legendary duo of Ben and Jerry originally started off with a small course they took about ice cream making. They decided that it was more than enough to get their business off the ground. With a little research, they found the only college town without an ice cream shop in Burlington, Vermont. With a 12,000 dollar investment and an old gas station, they now pull in over 237 million dollars in annual revenue.

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Who knew that these guys started with just a dream and a little courage. Now they practically run the ice cream industry, and they’ve a sweet sense of humor to boot.

#5) Mena and Ben Trot

This husband-and-wife duo developed Movable Tool so Mena could have her personal blog posts. They decided to offer it online, and within the first hour the had over a hundred downloads. Now they have over 10 million users with their software company, SixApart. All they do is provide blogging tools, and now they live the easy life.

So, no matter what life has you feeling, get back out there and get to work. It’s time for your success story, so we can post it here, on Danjur. We’d love to hear any personal success stories you may have, so feel free to comment with your stories down below. There’s more than enough money for everyone to at least live comfortably, so now it’s time for you to find out how you can live the easy life.


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