3 Ways to Start Getting Your Content to Help With the Power Bill

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By Jack Day

Have you ever been playing a game on your phone and your character dies or you need more gold to unlock an achievement? But there is no way in hell you’re shelling out $5 on a free app that you just use to pass the time while doing things like waiting in line, filling uncomfortable silences, and not dying of boredom when out shopping with your girlfriend or wife.  So what do you have to do? Usually watch an ad.  And that is why the app or game is free.

The app developer does not need you to buy gold, because he’s got it coming in every time you watch an ad.  Here’s the part that you are going to want to know about.  You too can be making money off of advertising, especially if you are someone who has their own blog, webpage, YouTube Channel, or app that is not generating revenue.  If you have ever wondered what the best way is  to do this, then you have found an article worth spending 10 or 15 minutes worth reading.

We live in a world that is now completely integrated with advertising.  Thanks goodness there are no billboards allowed in state parks and beaches, yet, but anything having to do with the internet is fair game.  So it’s time your content starts earning you some money.


#1) Understanding the Advertisement

Hey! Your in the ad biz now son! So first, before you ever even sign up with a service to get ads on your site or app, you have to consider your audience.  Even if the age group is large or the typical user is of a certain ilk, you have to think about what it is that has brought them to you in the first place.  Just because you have a blog about your favorite baseball team does not mean that all your readers want to see ads for only baseball related goods.  It also does not mean that you should advertise everything under the sun either.

The good news is you don’t need to spend 4 years getting a marketing degree to understand your own readers, followers, and other assorted fans.  You should already have a good idea for the kind of people you cater to and that is what will help you determine the best ads for your site.

Let’s take the baseball example again:   You like the Chicago White Sox and your site is a shrine to their greatness.  Obviously some MLB.COM ads are a no brainer, but how about other Chicago related things?  Maybe you only grew up there and now you live in California.  Do you include ads for Disney Land?  It’s probably a safe bet given the following line of pop psychology:

People who like baseball must enjoy going to crowded events and spending outrageous amounts of money, so maybe they also like other types of crowded, over priced places.  Like a theme park!

The concept is known as cross promotion or selling. While this may be a loose interpretation of how it works, it is important to take into account such factors in order to have your advertising revenue eventually grow larger.  Make a giant list of all the things that come to mind when a person visits your corner of the internet for the first time.  Then choose 2 or 3 max good ones and move to step two.

#2) Corporate Espionage Can Be Fun!

OK, so it’s not exactly the type of wall street lore, but the simple act of seeing what the other guy is doing and mimicking it is a good way to start out your advertising days.  You have probably observed this already, but give it a try anyways and you will see the wonder that has become of internet marketing.

Simply go to a bunch of sites that you buy things from.

Peruse a few pages of items, maybe hit a few restaurant sites, check out a flower site for your woman, and just look at stuff.  Also take note of the kinds of ads you are seeing and where they are placed on the page and how.

Now start going to your news, entertainment, etc sites and notice how the ads seem to be geared towards the stuff you just looked at.  All of a sudden there is even a picture of the exact item you were tempted to buy before the experiment was over, and what’s this? Free overnight shipping?  And half off for guys named Steve?  Wait a minute, your name is Steve! What the what?!

Re-targeting, re-marketing, stalking.  Call it what you want it’s out there and has been for a while.  That’s how they always know, Steve. Good thing you can too with services like Google’s AdSense and others like Chitika and Clicksor.  These guys let you instantly start using their services to customize and generate ads for your content based site.  Now that you know a little about them you can take advantage of their hard work.

#3) It’s Who You Affiliate With 

If I were to tell you that the friends you keep say a lot about the kind of person you are, you would probably tell me to stop talking to you like I am your mother.  Well pal, the lady was right.  And the same can be said about who you decide to let advertise on your site.  You don’t want to alienate people by associating yourself with the wrong kind of advertising.  So this is where cross selling can be difficult.

Sometimes it is just easier, and can be financially better, to join an affiliate network.  This allows you to choose from a variety of places that have advertising related to your content. Be careful not to join too many though because some places only pay after certain dollar amounts of revenue have been met.

So the more ads you have does not always mean the more money you make.  Whereas having one or two types of ads that are for very popular things will generate much more revenue than a bunch of places all contributing very small amounts at a slower pace.

There are many ways to go about constructing your master plan to paying your bills by copying and pasting a few lines of code.  The other thing you have to remember is content.  You will only see the money coming in if you have visitors, and that is the subject of another article for another day.  Until then I urge you to look into some of these ideas, as they will be enough to get the ball rolling and show you how the process works.

Are you already raking in the cash from your content based internet business?  If so tell us your secrets and any other tidbits we could all benefit from, please! 

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