3 Things to Keep in Mind For Your Lady’s Favorite Holiday

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By Kenny G. Thompson

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Seriously, by the time this article posts, you’ll have less than 48 hours to get ready for the day when your lady begins to judge you (No worries, if you’re reading this article after V-Day, these things can still apply!). Whether or not you’ve had something in the works or you’ve no idea what to get her, we’ve got some wise words to help you make this your best Valentine’s Day yet.

You see, it’s all about attitude. Like when Babe Ruth pointed out that home run, you’ve got to showcase confidence and finesse when handling your gift. How you ask? Read on!


#1) Don’t Yearn To Feel Appreciated

The title might be a little weird, but allow me to explain. You know when someone buys you a gift and then they talk about it being expensive, or hard to find? Doesn’t it make you want to slap them in the face with the gift they just bought you? A nice gesture is supposed to make someone feel honored, not obligated. So, whatever you decided to do, you got to play it cool. Act like you always have her at the forefront of her mind and whatever you do for V-Day gets played off like it took fives seconds to get ready.

The only real thing that is important is to shock her emotions into feeling more for you than she did the previous day. You keep her that way but not being narcissistic, but by showing her that yes, she is the most important thing in your life. Women love that for some reason (though I suppose men do too).

#2) How do you shock those feelings?

Well, you’ve got to know about your girl. Unless she’s one of those types of girl that rhymes with “Boldtrigger,” spending money on her won’t be enough. Instead, you’ve got to pull something from her memories. Like taking her to a restaurant where her favorite meal is waiting and the song you two love is playing in the background.

Every now and then when you tune back in to whatever the hell your girl was talking about, you pick up little bits of information. Your goal now is to recall that information and think about something you thought was insignificant, but she found enough interest to tell you about it. Now, use that as your present. Maybe how she’d love to learn how to dance, but she’s never had the chance. Now, you can give her that chance.

Showing her that you pay attention demonstrates to her that you do, in fact, love her.

#3) What about simple gifts?

Simple gifts are a great addition to anything else you may have planned for this wondrous day.  You can create a small treasure hunt in the morning, maybe after you make her breakfast or something. Hiding small gifts and chocolates around the house with a search that culminates in the bedroom is a perfect way to start both of your mornings. Just make sure she finds all the chocolate, or else someone might think you have a problem.

Of course, if you haven’t been doing it lately, you need to take a trip downstairs. And yes, that was a sexual euphemism. This is a day where you need to show appreciation. While people may market this holiday as one for couples, it’s really not. It’s more so just a designated for men to honor their significant others, as I would venture a guess that most men wouldn’t notice if Valentine’s Day was removed from the calendars.

If you have a strong relationship, you’ll be fine no matter what you do. If anything, this holiday is a good way to gauge the potential futures of you and your respective partner. So, take some time off and enjoy a day with her. Bum it out and watch Netflix, or take her skydiving. As long as you do something you know she’ll appreciate, you can’t go wrong.

What do you have planned for this V-Day? Care to share your best romantic ideas?


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  1. Hadwin says:

    Valentine’s Day really is usually all about the women in the relationship. I am lucky to have a girl that is just happy with spending the day with me. We usually just do a nice romantic dinner at home that we both plan and prepare and finish off the evening with a movie and dessert.

  2. PAPolka says:

    St. Valentine’s Day is far from my wife’s favorite holiday, so I usually just go with the dinner and flowers thing. Once in a while I’ll throw in a present if I see something she would want. She’s never complained about it and from the way she acts I seriously doubt she has an issue with it.

  3. Wripped says:

    It’s pretty much the same here. We look at every day as a day to love each other, so celebrating this one day is kind of silly. We go out to dinner and get a small present for each other, but we don’t go overboard for Valentine’s Day.

  4. Roger9 says:

    We had one of the kids here on Valentine’s Day so the romantic dinner didn’t happen. We usually do things for each other all year long so Valentine’s Day usually ends up being like any other day. She didn’t feel like going anywhere so we stayed home. I did make dinner.

  5. Adamly says:

    We went out to a romantic dinner, but our five-year old was with us. The real fun happened after the small one went to bed and we definitely had a good time.

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