19 DIY Summer Projects For Men That Will Help You Create Some Outdoor ‘Awesomeness’

By Jack Day

As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about the great outdoors. You’ve been trapped inside for months, and now the backyard looks like a vacation destination. Or, at least, it will. Here are 19 ways you can spruce up your space and make it man friendly on a young man’s budget.

1.) Build a Tree House! Some nails and wood will go a long way, says Pete Nelson, host of Animal Planet’s ‘Treehouse Masters’…


2.) Keep your favorite brew cold by carving out a cooler in the center of your patio table. Nails, hammer, ice, enjoy.


3.) It can all be fun and games with this enormous Scrabble board. Use tiles and wood chips to keep your guests busy any time the weather allows.


4.) When the sun goes down, stay warm by the outdoor fire pit. Use loose bricks to create your raised fire bed, add wood and light up! Make sure your local government signs off first. Here’s a tip from outdoor handyman Bob Veela, “Contact the planning offices in your area to see if any restrictions apply. Only proceed once you’ve gotten the necessary approvals or once you’re convinced that none are required.”


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