A Desire to Connect With People Inspired Him to Make the Change of a Lifetime

By Jack Day

“You’re walking through space, just empty space. It’s like a puzzle. You’re trying to find your way to the good things in life.” This is what the version of Josh who was lost for so long wanted to achieve. When he was bullied at a small town school for being different, and grieving over the loss of his father nonetheless, he decided that a change was in order. “I hoped that by attending a new school, I would be treated like everyone else...I just wanted to make it and be a normal kid.” Things got off to a bumpy start when he started to attend his new school in the city. “I wanted reach out to people and show them who I was.” He did just that as he affectionately became known as the “Door Man” around school by always holding doors open for the other students passing through the hallways. “Opening doors; it gives people hope that other people care.”

Josh was eventually voted in as the Prom King by his fellow students in a show of support for the compassionate human being that he is. His inspiration did not end there as he further opened his own doors in life by taking up public speaking. Watch his story and see how, “…one simple act can change your whole life.”

What did you think of Josh’s story? It’s not an easy thing to overcome the death of a loved one, especially a parent. What kind of ways have you found to help overcome hard times and make the changes that you had to in your life? Please share your stories and experiences, you never know who might be reading these comments and find inspiration in your words!

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