11 Ways to Stay Young For As Long As You Can

By Jack Day

It doesn’t matter how old your are, as long as you feel young. And even then, it’s probably a good idea to get your butt off the couch once in a while and experience life. I know by the time you are in your 30’s you’ve seen this, done that. But that should not stop you from doing it again and again. Sure you can relax now and then, maybe after you start collecting social security! Which might not even be around when you hit 65, so live it up now man! Here are 11 things that you need to take advantage of, because some day it won’t matter if you want to do them or not, because your body won’t let you!

Try Some Parkour

Before you go running along rooftops like your in a Jason Bourne flick, you probably want to make sure you’re in at least some kind of shape for rigorous activity. You should probably watch a few videos too to get an idea for how it works. Not only will you get some great exercise in, but the challenge of it will give you a rush and motivation to get better.

Take the Classic Jell-O Shot

Jello Shots Lined Up
I know you swore off Jell-O shots after college ended, but they just go down so easy. Next time you have a little get together mix up some crazy flavors and let the fun begin.

Sing Karaoke

Even if you are the worst singer alive, people will still clap for you. Put this activity on your list of weekend events once in a while and you may just get good enough to win an amateur contest.

Shotgun a Beer

OK, so it’s not exactly the most pleasurable experience, but it will bring back some great memories. Make sure someone is ready with a camera for when you spit out the foam!

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