10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Moving in Will Change Your Life

By Kenny G. Thompson

Oh, sure. It’s great to have a girlfriend live with you. Sex all the time, great company and someone to help out with the burden of life. But what about the bad side? Well, that can come in a few different forms, and it’ll definitely catch you off guard. So get prepared!

You will find bras in the strangest of places.
Also, bras

Your bathroom will look like it collided with half of Wal Mart.
bathroom explode
Seriously, why?!

There will be more clothes than thought possible.
but you keep your stuff clean
And yet you will often be blamed …

Emptying the bathroom trash will occur at a much higher frequency suddenly.
empty bathroom trash

Hair accessories, they exist. They will be everywhere.
hair accessories

And just wait until you find blotches of nail polish in the oddest of places.

There’s a week where things suddenly get more vicious.
Not every day is safe

Her shower time will disrupt local ecosystems.
Showers will destroy ecosystems

So … Much … HAIR
So much hair

They use toilet paper for everything!
Women use so much toilet paper

Just be careful, is all I’m saying.

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  1. karson says:

    The first time we moved in together was like culture shock. She would dry her underwear and bra on the shower rod. She took up most of the closet and drawers in the bedroom with all her clothes. It was something to get used to.

  2. Alfredo42 says:

    Haha, I had to laugh at the hair thing. My wife does this weird thing when she showers, which is to pull all her hair out of the drain and stick it to the shower wall. She had been doing this to be helpful, but I swear, the first time she forgot to grab it off the wall and throw it away, I was a little disturbed!

  3. Patrick says:

    That is hilarious. You must have wondered what the heck she was doing. I have as many products as every woman I’ve known so that isn’t a major issue for me.

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