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At Kickzer, we are passionate about Growing Businesses.
Who are we?

Beautiful designs catered for your needs.
Your website is your first impression on the road to converting a passer by to a customer. Get your name out there and be noticed!


Integrated shopping solutions.
We can integrate the most common shopping solutions to your site to connect customers to your products seamlessly!

Self Service

Head to our Self Service Centre to find out how you can save on domains, hosting and our self building packages. Up to 50% off .com and other TLD domains!

From Start to Finish

Extra options available to give your site the attention and flair that converts! We can assist you with from colour and logo design through to an end web page! Whether you have a new idea or an existing business!

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What We Do..

Passionate about business. Serious about Success.

Passionate about business. Serious about Success.

Starting a business in any industry can be challenging, daunting and lonely. I walk the path daily and here is where I share my experiences, successes and of course, failures. With a close associate of mine, we offer advice on:


  • Startups?

    From landing pages to start up websites and brick and mortar businesses, we can provide the building blocks for your business foundations. Our simple product packs mean that you can get the best value in setting up your new business and getting online.

  • Existing Businesses?

    Sometimes a change is the best way forwards! We are experts in taking existing websites, and re-vitalising your business with a fresh image, a fresh web page and even a fresh domain name! Give your existing business the KICKZER treatment, with a cost effective re-branding or web design package!

  • Domain Names

    Kickzer's Self-Service centre is designed to provide you with access to essential web tools to search, and purchase your new domain name! What's better is that we strive to achieve the best prices on the web with .com's starting at just $9.99 and often less with our promotional sales!

  • Hosting?

    With a range of low cost hosting options, KICKZER's self-service centre provides you with the tools to self-manage your own CPanel server space.


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